The Resource New thinking about genetics, edited by Kara Rogers

New thinking about genetics, edited by Kara Rogers

New thinking about genetics
New thinking about genetics
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edited by Kara Rogers
Book Description: The science is comprehensive, densely detailed, and up to date in these titles from the 21st Century Science series, which also discusses urgent sociopolitical and ethical issues that are in the news right now. New Thinking about Genetics focuses on the science of DNA, chromosomes, and genes, as well as on controversies about cloning and stem-cell research, with enthusiastic appreciation for recent human genome research and what it has revealed about our relationships to other living organisms. The heavy technical detail makes these titles best for research or presenting in chunks as a way to spark discussion. The series' textbook like design includes lots of subheads, occasional background screens, and black-and-white photos and diagrams. Back matter includes a glossary and up-to-date bibliography
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21st century science
New thinking about genetics, edited by Kara Rogers
New thinking about genetics, edited by Kara Rogers
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Introduction -- Code Of Life: -- Ancient theories of pangenesis and blood in heredity -- Preformation and natural selection -- Work of Gregor Mendel -- Theoretical interpretation -- Rediscovery -- How the gene idea became reality -- Early molecular genetics -- DNA and the genetic code -- Francis Crick -- James Watson -- Maurice Wilkins -- Physical Basis Of Heredity: -- Genes -- Alleles -- Genotype -- Phenotype -- Chromosomes -- Sex chromosomes -- Chromosomes during cell division: Mitosis -- Chromosomes during cell division: Meiosis -- Linkage groups -- Thomas Hunt Morgan -- Chromosomal aberrations -- DNA As The Agent Of Heredity: -- Structure and composition of DNA --DNA replication -- Expression of the genetic code -- Transcription -- Translation -- Gene mutation -- Mechanisms of mutation -- Repair of mutation -- Regulation of gene expression -- RNA interference and gene silencing -- Repetitive DNA -- Barbara McClintock -- Study Of Genetics: -- Classical genetics -- Cytogenetics -- Cytogenetics -- Cytogenetic techniques -- Fluorescence in situ -- Hybridization -- Microbial genetics -- Molecular genetics -- Molecular techniques -- Polymerase chain reaction -- DNA fingerprinting -- Immunogenetics -- Genomics -- Sequencing and bioinformatic -- Analysis of genomes -- Functional genomics -- Gene identification by microarray -- Genomic analysis -- Comparative genomics -- Population genetics -- Experimental breeding -- Mathematical techniques -- Hardy-Weinberg law -- Genetic drift -- Founder principle -- Behaviour genetics -- Early history of behavior -- Genetics -- Methods of behavior genetics study -- Study of human genetics -- Epigenetics -- Stem cells -- Embryonic stem cells -- Adult stem cells -- Induced pluripotent stem cells -- RNA interference -- Genetic Engineering: -- Recombinant DNA technology -- DNA cloning -- Creating the clone -- Isolating the clone -- DNA sequencing -- In vitro mutagenesis -- Gene therapy -- Reverse genetics -- Diagnostics -- Protein manufacture -- Genetically modified organisms -- GMOs in agriculture -- GMOs in medicine and research -- Role of GMOs in environmental management -- Sociopolitical relevance of GMOs -- Cloning -- Early cloning experiments -- Reproductive cloning -- Therapeutic cloning -- Ethical controversies of cloning -- Genetics Applied To Plants And Animals: -- Plant breeding -- Goals -- Evaluation of plants -- Methods of plant breeding -- Animal breeding -- Breeding and variation -- Breeding -- Selection -- Breeding systems -- Human Genetics: -- Human chromosomes -- Human Genome -- Role of the human genome in research -- Origins of the human genome -- Social impacts of human genome research -- Genetics of human blood -- Blood types -- Serum proteins -- Hemoglobin -- Genetics of antibody -- Formation -- Genetics of cellular immunity -- Influence of the environment -- Fraternal twins -- Identical twins -- Diagnosis of twin types -- Inferences from twin studies -- Genetics and the concept of race -- Modern scientific explanations of human biological variation -- Scientific debate over "race" -- Genetic Diseases Of Humans: -- Classes of genetic disease -- Diseases caused by chromosomal aberrations -- Abnormalities of the sex chromosomes -- Diseases of autosomal dominant inheritances -- Diseases of autosomal recessive inheritance -- Repeat expansions -- Mitochondrial DNA mutations -- Imprinted gene mutations -- Diseases caused by multifactorial inheritance -- Victor McKusick -- Genetics of cancer -- Telomeres -- Genetic damage from environmental agents -- Management of genetic disease -- Genetic counseling -- Calculating risks of known carriers -- Estimating probability: Bayes's Theorem -- Prenatal diagnosis -- Genetic testing -- Eugenics -- Future of genetics in medicine -- Glossary -- For further reading -- Index
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